Wasabi Mustard 70 ml

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    Universally recognized as the faithful companion of sushi and sashimi, with its acid green color and unique flavor, wasabi could be defined as extreme, because it is either unconditionally loved or hated from the first bite. Eaten with raw fish or dissolved in soy sauce, its presence is in any case immediately felt. wasabi is also known as namida, which means "tear" in Japanese, since excessive intake can cause as much weeping as the frying of a large amount of onion. It is an aroma that we immediately link to sushi because, in addition to serving as a pairing, it is inserted between rice and fish directly by the chef. The particular taste that distinguishes it makes any similarity difficult. The flavors that are closest to it are that of mustard and horseradish, but with a spiciness equal to the best habanero in circulation. We promise you the creamy and spreadable mustard ready to accompany moderately your dishes.

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