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Extra Bergamot Marmalade

Extra Bergamot Marmalade

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I chose to propose this extra bergamot jam because among the many tasted is the one that reminded me the most of my grandmother's jam. a product that usually in Calabria was produced at home for purely family use and occasionally gave to friends, relatives, neighbors. the Bergamot is a very special fruit I would say even by the difficult taste, very persistent and if not well processed can be bitter. The farm that produces this jam uses only fruit grown, harvested and processed within the company itself. The bergamot is not chemically treated and the transformation of the pulp in jam does not alter the organoleptic properties of the fruit nor the health properties of this citrus fruit. the glass jar is 230 gr.

Ingredients: Bergamot of Reggio Calabria, sugar

suggestion: this product is ideal to be eaten simply on bread at breakfast, but it can also be combined with mature cheeses, cold cuts with a strong taste or to fill ice-cream, panna cotta, tarts, brioches.

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