Mandorla Siciliana Tuono Pelata - frutta e verdura di stagione -

    Sicilian Almond Tuono

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    The Greeks introduced the cultivation of almonds, one of the oldest and richest in history The temperate climate and the specific characteristics of the soil of Avola, mean that the almonds
    grown in this area are a concentration of nutrients and well-being, which nutritionists recommend consuming daily. The Tuono variety is characterised by its soft shell, sweet taste and although less rich in oil than other varieties, it is much appreciated both in the preparations of
    confectionery and by the sugar confectionery industry. Excellent to use in many confectionery preparations including marzipan for the production of almond milk. vacuum-packed, the product is 34/36 calibre and is peeled without the skin as in the photo.

    suggestions: The peeled almonds in the kitchen lend themselves to a wide variety of preparations both sweet and savory, there is in fact a wide choice of recipes. Almonds can be enjoyed in many different ways, they can be eaten as snacks, shelled, sweet and soft, roasted in the oven with coarse salt, they can be served with cheese, honey and fortified wines. Dried fruit has the ability to be very versatile, both in sweet dishes and in savory recipes, almonds give a unique flavor and fragrance. Do you know where almonds come from? They originated in Asia and were brought to Italy in the 6th century B.C. by the Phoenicians. Almonds are the seed of the almond tree, a beautiful plant that can reach 10 meters in height.Do you want some delicious recipes to make unique dishes with peeled almonds? Among the many, we suggest you the 5 most particular: The Bakewell tart is an English sweet composed of a layer of shortbread, one of raspberry jam and one of frangipane, is one of the most traditional desserts. The ground almonds are already in the filling, but to give the cake a stronger flavor you can sprinkle the top with sliced almonds.
    Try the tasty mix of a carrot and orange-scented almond cake, perhaps to accompany a good tea. Let's move on to savoury dishes, to dress pasta try making a pesto of courgettes, parmesan cheese, basil and sliced almonds. Tasty and summery. To stay on the theme of pasta dishes, try making almond pesto, with the addition of oil, mint, basil and lemon juice and zest. A unique and almost ethnic flavor. Almonds also go perfectly with tuna, made with onions, capers, pepper and almonds from which you can make an almond milk obtained from peeled almonds, blanched, chopped and soaked in water.

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