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Guanciale Artianale Pepato

Guanciale Artianale Pepato

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Produced on a Calabrian farm, it is very similar to the Calabrian pancetta tesa. The flavor is strong and persistent, the taste of pork is enhanced by the aromas and spices that characterize it as the very aromatic wild fennel that gives a particular taste to the white fat of the guanciale itself. Calabrian guanciale (pork cheek) is widely used in gourmet chopping boards, in ready-to-cook butcher's shops, roasted on the grill, and is often used to flavour sauces such as amatriciana and carbonara. The guanciale is processed and covered with chilli or black pepper and then matured for three months. It lasts for 12 months, the weight is about 1.5 kg. if whole. we also offer it in slices and we always deliver it vacuum-packed, moreover from the drop-down menu you can choose the quantity you need.

ingredients: italian pork, salt, natural flavourings.


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