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Magulà - Guanciale Grecanico Calabrese

Magulà - Guanciale Grecanico Calabrese

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With the word Magulà the ancient Greeks who landed on the coasts of Calabria in ancient times were indicating the anatomical part of the pig more commonly known as cheek. The Magulà of Calabrian pork is handcrafted at the point of a knife by expert pork butchers, flavored with aromas typical of the Calabrian land such as wild fennel picked by hand as grandmothers have always done in Calabria, red chili pepper flakes and many herbs of the undergrowth that grow wild. The natural seasoning with the pieces of product hung on wooden boards in the dark at high altitude, oscillates around 180 days. In the processing of Magulà not
are used additives or preservatives, the only preservation techniques used are the 'use of abundant chili flakes and the' natural smoking that allow the product to dry perfectly and preserve over time but also to acquire an unmistakable taste and absolutely unique. The organoleptic characteristics are particularly intense; from the genuine and elegant aroma of dried fruit, to the ruby red colour with veins of fat of a white colour tending to pink, for an ample and complex flavour ideal to be accompanied by an excellent red wine with a high alcoholic content. The whole Magulà grecanico weighs around 2 kg but scrolling down the menu you can choose much smaller slices according to your needs. The product lasts 12 months and is delivered in a vacuum, I recommend that before eating it to remove it from the vacuum at least 24 hours before. the product is naturally gluten-free.

ingredients: italian pork, salt, natural flavours and spices.

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