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Pecorino of Ciminà - Calabria

Pecorino of Ciminà - Calabria

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Pecorino Calabrese d 'Aspromonte to MILK CRUDE a true regional excellence Italian handed down from generation to generation by the shepherds of' Aspromonte. L 'producer company is entirely located all' inside the national park of 'Aspromonte and is a closed chain then produces the 'grass in the pastures pre aspromontani with which it feeds the sheep and sheep property produces the milk with which it gives life to this fabulous cheese. The company produces pecorino cheese exclusively with the milk produced by its own flock to guarantee the highest quality. The seasoning takes place on wooden boards as it once happened in a natural way at controlled temperature, such as salaggione, the duration of the seasoning for this product is 60 days. The whole form weighs about 1.8 kg, you can also choose slices portioned under vacuum from the drop-down menu that follows. Before eating the product, we suggest you open it from the vacuum and leave it in the air for 15 minutes so that the pure sheep's milk cheese can oxygenate in contact with the air and fully transmit its organoleptic characteristics given by the quality of the grass and hay that the sheep eat.

Ingredients: milk of sheep free to graze, salt, natural rennet.

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