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Caprino d' Aspromonte

Caprino d' Aspromonte

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The Caprino d 'Aspromonte cheese is one of the traditional Italian agri-food products based one hundred percent raw goat's milk, the production area is the territory of the Mountain Community of the Ionian side of' Aspromonte. is obtained from the raw milk of goats of various indigenous breeds grouped in herds and conducted daily in pastures with the wild system raised in mountainous and hilly areas. Thegoat's milk cheese, considered the oldest of cheeses, matures for 90 days in the cellars where it is treated externally with an emulsion of olive oil and a little vinegar Sometimes a little ground red pepper is added. It may happen that during the maturing process, some cheeses, due to the effect of particular fermentation, develop small worms inside that give the cheese a very special taste that makes it sought after by many connoisseurs. The wheel weighs from 1,00 kg to about 3 kg.

Ingredients: raw goat's milk, rennet, salt.

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