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Calabrian flours

Calabrian flours

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Since ancient times, wheat has represented fertility, abundance and nourishment. Southern Italy has always been the geographical area where wheat cultivation is most flourishing, and each region boasts native cultivars with particular characteristics often due to the soil and climate where they grow and which make them unique. In Calabria, the qualities of ancient wheat which are still cultivated and from which flours are produced artisanally and through stone milling are: Verna wheat and Mountain Rye (also known as Jurmanu, Jermanu), Mallorca, Mountain Oats, Senatore Cappelli. Each flour is in a transparent bag of 1 kg and has special characteristics that distinguish it from the others.

type 1 grain ideal for bread, pizza, pasta and cakes. type 2 grain ideal forbuns, tarts, biscuits. wholemeal grain ideal for bread, buns, pasta and cakes.rye grain low in gluten and rich in lysine ideal for dark bread, biscuits, milled bread and taralli. oat grain ideal for pancakes, crepes, protein bars, bread, gnocchi and soups. Mallorca soft wheat ideal for cakes, white breads, breadsticks and taralli. Senatore Cappelli wheat flour ideal for cakes, bread, pizza, biscuits, tarts, pasta. wholemeal buckwheat flour ideal for pasta, cakes, polenta taragna, porridge, soba (Japanese noodles)

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