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Bergamot flour of Reggio Calabria

Bergamot flour of Reggio Calabria

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Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a yellow-skinned citrus fruit derived perhaps from lemon or bitter orange. There is still some uncertainty among botanists. However, it is very likely that bergamot is a native plant of Calabria. The cultivation of bergamot as an intensive plantation took place on the coast of Reggio Calabria in the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century, the first extraction of the essential oil of bergamot was documented, right in Calabria. In appearance, the fruit of the bergamot is reminiscent of the grapefruit, but it is a little smaller and has a more intense colour. Even today the cultivation of bergamot takes place in Calabria, especially in the coastal strip. The bergamot is in season as a fresh fruit from the month of October-November until March.Farina di bergamotto produced in Farm in the territory of Reggio Calabria. A unique product and Calabrian excellent for flavoring both sweet and savory, thanks to its intense aroma used in both pastry and catering. Very used for the ready to cook in the butcher's shop as it gives a particular aroma to the meat as well as enhancing the finished product with its typical straw yellow colour.

Available in different sizes, shelf life 12 months.

The bergamot is exclusively dried, then pulverized to obtain this unique product.

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