Ox Heart Tomato

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    this product is planted, cultivated in an open vegetable garden and harvested on a Calabrian farm. The classic variety of the Italian tradition that produces tasty and succulent heart-shaped tomatoes with an average weight of 200-250 g. Its flesh is delicious and has very few seeds. Its pulp is delicious and has very few seeds. Medium-late cycle variety. Used in cooking especially for fresh and genuine salads or on bruschetta. Few calories (just 20-30), thirst-quenching juice, fleshy pulp, sweet taste and few seeds: no wonder it is one of the most sought-after fruits in the world. It arrived in the old continent from the United States and quickly spread throughout the world from the 21st century onwards, without ever experiencing a crisis. Like most tomatoes, the beefsteak also grows in mild, sunny places, so it goes without saying that Italy is the ideal place for its production. With just one tomato you can make a tasty, detox and refreshing salad. It is not only dietetic but also super healthy even if perhaps not as much as the bronze tomato that we hear so much about in recent times. In addition to lycopene, the famous antioxidant substance capable of slowing down the development of cancer cells, which is present in all tomatoes, the ox heart is also rich in vitamins and minerals, the same contained in other equally beneficial red fruits. 500 g. bag.

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