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Artisan Culaccia of Modena

Artisan Culaccia of Modena

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Culaccia is made in Emilia only with the thighs of high quality Italian pigs, just like those of Prosciutto di Parma and Culatello. The part of the thigh is always the back one, deprived of the shank, the bow and the femur of the animal. After processing, only the muscular part of the thigh, the hip (the small shell-shaped bone) and the rind remain. The rind protects the meat from excessive dryness. At the end of the maturing process, the lean outer part of the leg is covered with pork fat: in this way, the meat remains soft, even after the maturing process. The result is a lean cured meat, with little waste, as soft as ham and as sweet as Culatello meat. Culaccia has a regular, rounded and elongated shape, which makes it possible to obtain slices that are always the same, from the first to the last. A pinch of salt, pepper and natural aromas and then the maturing process, all natural, takes place. The best way to taste the Culaccia is to take some good soft white bread and a glass of wine, not too alcoholic, for example a white, even a sparkling wine, a rosé or a red of little structure. If the Culaccia is very mature, you could add some curls of butter to the white bread. In any case, the advice is never to exaggerate with the flavors too strong, which would hide the scent and delicacy of the cured meat. the very special product we sell as a whole ham and vacuum packed. the weight is about 5 kg. the seasoning in the traditional way lasts about 6 months.

ingredients: italian pork, salt, natural flavours. the product is without preservatives and gluten,

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