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Cudduraci of Reggio Calabria 350 g .

Cudduraci of Reggio Calabria 350 g .

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The Calabrian cudduraci are typical sweets precisely of Reggio Calabria, very similar to a soft pastry are modeled by creating different shapes, brushed with egg and decorated with hard-boiled eggs and colored pigtails. Who prepares these cakes does not make them only for himself, but usually gives them away, in fact in the past in the tradition of Greco, the cudduraci were given by the "zita" (girlfriend) to her man on Easter Sunday. The bigger, more decorative and richer in eggs these sweets were, the greater the love for the other person. In the outing of the Monday of the Angel (called "pascuni"), the cudduraci in the table of Reggio Calabria are not lacking. I remember when at my grandparents' house the wood-burning oven was lit and the aunts prepared these sweets. It was a time of meeting and celebration between uncles and cousins. These particular shapes and full of colors put joy.

Each piece is about 350 g.

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