Jams of citrus and fruit from Calabria 330 gr.

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    Handmade jams and marmalades produced in a small family-run farm in Calabria that uses only their own fruit harvested by hand from their trees. They exactly reflect the homemade products once made by grandmothers, with a thousand possible uses. They are all delicious, choose the flavor you like best:

    Bergamot Marmalade: fruit minimum 60% bergamot in pulp, juice and zest, sugar, fruit pectin. Gluten free.

    Fig and Bergamot Jam: fruit minimum 80% figs, sugar, bergamot peel. Gluten free.

    Orange Marmalade: fruit minimum 80% orange, sugar. Gluten free.

    Strawberry and Bergamot Jam: fruit minimum 75% strawberry, candied bergamot and juice, sugar, pectin. Gluten free.

    Product net weight: 330 gr.

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