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Jam of Red Onion of Tropea I.G.P.

Jam of Red Onion of Tropea I.G.P.

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Onion jam is an extremely simple homemade preparation, which lends itself well to accompany meat dishes or to be enjoyed with cheese, especially the most flavorful ones to mitigate and balance the intense aroma and sometimes pungent. It 'a preserve easy to prepare and provides that sweet and sour taste that lends itself well to be combined with mature cheeses such as pecorino, parmesan or provolone, or even smoked ones, enhancing the taste and not overpowering the aroma. It is also perfect to accompany various types of meat such as pork, game or venison, even better if roasted. The main ingredient is precisely this type of onion, which is sweeter and more delicate than the classic ones and allows to obtain a jam with strong Mediterranean tones.

212 ml jar.

Ingredients: Sugar, Red Onion of Tropea Calabria I.G.P.

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