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Red Onion

Red Onion

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The production area of the red onion extends along the middle/high Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria and is made up of fertile, sandy soil, rich in water courses and characterised by a Mediterranean microclimate, cold and damp in winter and hot in summer and where the combination of sun and sea mitigate the winters without creating too many temperature changes. It can be eaten directly as it is picked. The mild climate, without sudden changes in temperature during the winter period, seems to be the cause of its characteristic sweet taste. The proximity to the sea, the length of the day, the temperature, the humidity. Four thousand years of this interaction have determined these particular characteristics. The warm, gentle sea breeze that constantly caresses our fields! A genetic heritage brought by the Phoenician people almost 4000 years ago! These are the factors most responsible for the extraordinary qualities of this product.

bag of about 1 kg.

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