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Calabrian citrons - Fresh - 2 kg package

Calabrian citrons - Fresh - 2 kg package

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A typical Calabrian citrus fruit, a giant lemon with a thick peel, so widespread in Calabria that an area of the Tyrrhenian coast and a town are named after it. It is used in a thousand ways in the kitchen, starting from the famous and tasty salad with oil, salt and vinegar, to being used as a natural flavouring on meat and fish, it is also widely used in confectionery and ice-cream making. We can not fail to mention the drink and the fragrant and summery granita obtained from the pressing of this citrus fruit. We collect them from the trees only after receiving your order and we ship them to you quickly so as to guarantee the freshness of the product and the longest possible life of the citron on your table. The product grows in the open field on trees that are not chemically treated and grown low using traditional techniques. Harvesting is done by hand.

a carton contains about 2 kg of Calabrian Cedar.

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