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Capocollo with Nero di Troia wine

Capocollo with Nero di Troia wine

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In Apulia as in Calabria the tradition of capocollo processing is rooted in the history of the territory. in this case, expert pork butchers from Apulia obtain capocollo from the processing of the muscular part of the neck, the anatomical cut is expertly spiced during the salting phase. it is precisely in this phase that this operation turns out to be an authentic "immersion" in the smells of the Gargano, laurel, juniper and many other herbs and aromatic spices pervade the meat of the product and transform it with seasoning into a real fragrant capocollo. After salting, the capocollo pugliere is patiently tied by hand and periodically massaged with care, in this way the capocollo acquires the softness that distinguishes it. A version of great
success is the Capocollo al Nero di Troia, the capocollo as right obtained in its last stage of maturation is marinated in the marc of Nero di Troia typical vine of Puglia that gives the product a more intense color and a strong flavor. The whole capocollo al vino nero di Troia weighs about 1.8 kg from the drop-down menu you can also select smaller slices according to your needs. the product is shipped in a vacuum. I recommend that you oxygenate the product once removed from the vacuum before being sliced. given the marinating in the marc the product will be soft and sweet to the palate that does not mean it is not properly seasoned.

Ingredients: pork, salt, natural flavours, black wine of Troia. the product is without preservatives and gluten.

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