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Capocollo Calabrese

Capocollo Calabrese

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Capocollo is the King of cured meats in Calabria and is known for its unmistakable taste, considered the perfect substitute for Parma ham in Calabria and by all Calabrians around the world. Traditionally, it is cured for about 60 days during the winter, hung in a natural environment and smoked with aromatic herbs, grape stalks or twigs of olive, chestnut, beech and other trees typical of the Calabrian territory. The size of the cut of meat varies from about 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg. This capocollo calabrese is produced according to the calabrese peasant tradition and tied with rope and canes cut by hand that keep it pressed until the moment of the cut. we have chosen to propose two types both handmade the first one sweet red and spicy red obtained from massages that the cut of meat receives during the preparation with cream of red pepper and chili pepper. the massages allow that the aromas and the cream of pepper enter in the anatomical cut giving it its own aromas. the second type that you can choose from the drop-down menu is white and flavored with wild fennel, black pepper and natural smoking so it is not spicy or red. both selected products have hand-tied and natural gut. we also offer slices of the product so that you can choose the quantity that suits you best. all products are delivered under vacuum, we recommend that you remove the product from the vacuum at least 24 hours before consumption.

ingredients: pork, salt, spices and natural flavours.

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