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Calabrian Artisan CacioMulo

Calabrian Artisan CacioMulo

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Cheese of cow's milk, intense taste and sweet flavour. White, soft paste. Taken from the ancient Ionian Calabrian tradition of storing and aging the cheese in caves with coal from which it takes its characteristic black color. The seasoning is about 60 days the form of weight varies from about 1.5 kg up to 4 kg. the product has an unmistakable savory flavor and goes well with orange blossom honey, citrus jams, wine jellies all together with an excellent white wine. a cutting board with a careful choice of cheeses can not be separated from presenting this product linked to the secular tradition of Calabria. The caciomulo cut into thick slices lends itself very well to be grilled and in this way releases all its unmistakable flavor and taste that combined with the light smoking ensures a unique sensory expression to the palate. often for the particular smoking is used as an ingredient in the preparation of tasty fillings such as eggplant roulades in the oven or reduced to flakes to garnish pasta dishes.

ingredients: cow's milk, rennet, salt.

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