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Caciocavallo Calabrese Semi-seasoned

Caciocavallo Calabrese Semi-seasoned

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Historically, the name is thought to derive from the drying process on horseback ("u casu a cavaddu"). Families who still produce the caciocavallo remember that the tradition dates back at least three generations (about 100 years), but being a typical product of poor country families, the tradition could date back even further in time. The caciocavallo produced according to a millenary tradition in Aspromonte is made with raw cow's milk, the milk comes from cows of the "dappled" and "podolica" breeds that are free to graze. Characterized by the classic bottle shape and the cord that couples them, each cheese weighs about 2 kg.

Excellent for chopping boards, grilled, a true secular tradition that has come down to our days.

ingredients: raw cow's milk, rennet, salt.

aged for at least 90 days.

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