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Buffalo Bresaola

Buffalo Bresaola

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In the Campania farm the animals are reared in the wild and processed with the utmost attention to the finished product. The buffalo bresaola is prepared through a long process: after the choice of pieces suitable for the realization of this cured meat, the same are placed inside a machine called churn, where they remain for 48 hours to flavor with the aromas given by the herbs of the territory and with juniper berries. Subsequently, each individual piece of bresaola is placed in a special net and then transferred to the drying cell. transferred first to the drying cell, and then to the seasoning cell. The final result is surprising, a delicate and characteristic taste, which has made it the most sold product among all the buffalo salami of the same farm, chosen by many chefs to create appetizers, pizzas, gourmet sandwiches, main courses and important and particular first courses. The product is particularly suitable for those who do sport for the absolute absence of fat and the intrinsic properties of buffalo meat very similar to those of horse meat. A whole buffalo bresaola weighs about 1.5 kg but we give you the opportunity to buy slices of vacuum-packed product of less weight.

Ingredients: buffalo meat; salt; spices and flavourings.

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