Agricultural Christmas

  • €178,00

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the gift box contains exclusively products from Italian farms for breakfast, snack or Christmas dessert.

1 glass jar of 500 gr. of various flavours honey

3 packages of extra-dry porcini mushrooms of 10 gr. each

1 bottle of 0.5 cl of olive oil cultivar Ottobratica Calabrese

1 slice of about 500 gr. of Pecorino Siciliano PDO

1 kg of Calabrian soppressata mixed sweet and spicy

500 g of bergamot candy

1 jar of 250 gr. of dried tomatoes in oil of natural flavors

1 jar of 250 gr. of eggplant fillets in spicy oil

1 bottle of red wine Cirò 0.75 cl.

1 cheese of cow's milk infiltrated with red wine Cirò of about 1.3 kg

1 jar of Insolia wine jelly of 180 gr.

1 bottle of White Wine Cirò of 0.75 cl.

1 bottle of 0.375 cl. of wine Moscato Passito di Saracena to Slow Food Government

1 Capocollo spicy about 1.5 kg

1 1 kg artisan Panettone with pistachios transparent bag

1 kg of traditional Calabrian Torroncini mixed with almonds, honey, chocolate, natural flavors and candied fruit.

1 200 gr. glass jar of sweet pistachio cream spread

1 glass jar of 200 gr. of sweet almond spread.

The products are packaged in a carton closed with Christmas ribbons.

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