Annona Cirimoia

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    Defining theannona fruit tropical, associating it to our country, could sound a bit strange, but because of the global warming some parts of Italy are turning for real in tropical areas, so that this particular fruit has taken root for many years now in our beautiful Calabria, even if it is not yet officially classified as a habitat of the "tropical" belt. The pulp resembles those of many other exotic fruits, light white, almost cream-coloured, with intense black seeds. The taste is decidedly contemporary: enveloping to the palate, it has a creamy consistency like that of an ice cream, but with an acidic aftertaste. The nose, smells of tropical climates and bright sun: a mix of pineapple, banana and mango. Usually in the popular tradition is consumed cut in half and then in small bites, with the pulp collected with a teaspoon. Just like ice cream. Like any acidic fruit, it lends itself perfectly to use in pastry: cheesecake and parfaits mainly, but also milkshakes, milkshakes and tarts.

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