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Amaro Bonaventura - Herbs and Spices 70 cl bottle

Amaro Bonaventura - Herbs and Spices 70 cl bottle

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Amaro Bonaventura Erbe e spezie is a bitter made from Prime Uve Nere, a meditative brandy that is aged in wood and therefore has spicy and toasted aromas. Spices are its distinctive feature. The territory in which this Amaro lives is that of the Venice of merchants, of the meeting of cultures, of opulence, of the exotic perfumes and flavours that arrived through that door from all over the world. The spices that form the basis of its complex bouquet are cinnamon, vanilla and tonka bean, combined with the bitterness of gentian, cinchona, clary sage and bitter orange, and enhanced by the balsamic notes of fennel and caraway.

70 cl. bottle.

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