this is an area of the site that is not purely food but the selection includes essential oils for home use and for food produced by citrus Calabrian and Sicilian in particular essences of: bergamot, orange, lemon, tangerine. the other products chosen and proposed are "no food" and come from artisans Calabrian companies that the raw material available on the territory itself, following secular ethnic traditions, revive goods produced and manufactured furnishings as once it was done in Calabria. in particular we have a wide selection of hand-decorated ceramics, wicker baskets woven with chestnut or beech. we have also chosen the traditional Calabrian embroidery made by grandmothers as a trousseau of young granddaughters who were going to marry. currently many of our customers use these objects to decorate tables set but also as wedding favors, wedding favors and ethnic gifts for various occasions.